Posted by Jeffrey Brennan on Mar 02, 2018

Casey Mclean

Our speaker this Wednesday was Casey Mclean with SR3. Casey is a licensed veterinary technician who has a degree in marine biology and a long-standing passion and experience in marine animal medical care, rehabilitation, and conservation.  Casey talked about SR3, a nonprofit organization which focuses on providing response and rehabilitation for injured marine animals throughout the Salish Sea. SR3 is working on the
creation of a world-class hospital, rehabilitation center, research and teaching facility, and oil spill response facility for marine mammals, sea turtles, and sea birds.  The first phase of this facility will open in West Seattle in June of this year.  It will grow to be the first permitted facility in the Pacific Northwest (south of the Canadian border) capable of caring for, conducting health assessments on, evaluating, or rehabilitating endangered marine mammals, including  adult seals, sea lions, sea otters, or harbor porpoises.