Posted by Jeffrey Brennan on May 17, 2017

Ellen Haggerty

Above, our club president Michael Mallahan exchanges club banners with Ellen Haggerty.
Our speaker today was Ellen Haggerty, Chair and Treasurer of the Rotarians for Hearing Rotary Action Group and a member of the Pleasant Valley Rotary Club in New York.

Ellen has had severe hearing loss since she was 4. But, given hearing aids, she was able to graduate from regular public schools and went on to earn a BA at MacMurray College in Mathematics and Economics and Business and a Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling.  Ellen talked about her passion of bringing hearing testing to children at an early age in foreign countries.  Ellen lives that passion daily.  She is currently in the final stages of a Rotary global grant to bring early childhood testing to three hospitals in Guatemala.  Proudly, our club is a participant in this grant!