Healing the Children received a $5,000 grant from the Rotary Club of Mill Creek for its November 2012 trip to Guatemala.
Our own Dr. Michael Mallahan will be leading the team

Healing the Children has been serving children in Guatemala with ear and tonsil surgeries for more that ten years.  Nine years ago they added hearing aid services due to the large number of hearing impaired children identified. 

This November they will provide follow up clinics and fitting of hearing aids on newly identified children

Costs associate with fitting one aid:
Hearing aid -  $170-190 per unit
Earmold to connect to hearing aid $2
One year of supply of batteries, dehumidifier unit and cleaning tools $25/unit
Disposable supplies $2.50/child
Follow up parent training clinic 30 days, 3 months & 6 month following fitting $6/child
Transportation, meals and lodging for Guatemalan audio tech $3/child

Rotary Club of Mill Creek
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