Student of the Month

Student of the Month is always a special meeting where we meet and listen to incredibly talented young people from Jackson High School and Archbishop Murphy High School.  This past Wednesday was no different.  Our theme for May is Academic Excellence.  In addition to our two May students, because Spring Break did not allow Archbishop Murphy to attend last month, we recognized the April Student of the Month for Overcoming Adversity.  Read more about each of them…


 Our Jackson High School Student of the Month for May for Academic Excellence is Macy Matheson.  Macy is a 4.0 student.  Despite having a very tough academic load, according to Principal Peters, Macy is the only 4.0 student remaining in her graduating class!  Macy has taken 4 years of French and numerous advanced placement courses. Macy is interested in going into the biomedical field and will be going to college in Montreal.
Jackson High School Principal Dave Peters, Student of the Month for May - Macy Matheson, and Rotarian Geoff Owen.


The April Student of the Month for Archbishop Murphy High School for Overcoming Adversity is Teresa Straughn.  Despite the loss of her father and her own health challenges, Teresa remained committed to graduating and to helping her debating team achieve success nationally.  Teresa also spoke about how her setbacks helped her realize the true meaning and importance of service and being there for others. Teresa is going on to Willamette University in Oregon where she plans on majoring in international studies.  
Archbishop Murphy Department Head of Social Science and Teresa's AP Government teacher Roger Brodniak, Student of the Month for April - Teresa Straughn, and Rotarian Geoff Owen.


The May Student of the Month for Archbishop Murphy High School for Academic Achievement is Min Jun Park (known as MJ).  Archbishop Murphy Vice Principal Alex Crane started by sharing with us how gifted MJ is in mathematics, having accelerated through every mathematics class it has to offer and more!
The celebration of Student of the Month is a great recognition by the school and our club of the student's achievements.  The student often brings his or her parents and has the opportunity to share with everyone their accomplishments.  MJ brought with him his mother, grandmother and pastor.  But, instead of talking about his accomplishments, MJ chose to use the opportunity to recognize his fellow student Kristi Bartz who was tragically killed the prior Saturday.  MJ shared with us what an incredible person Kristi was and the impact she had on all students including himself.  MJ - we not only recognize you for your academic excellence but for the total unselfishness you demonstrated though your personal recognition of Kristi.  MJ is going on to Rice University in Houston where he will major in mathematics to hopefully focus in the area of statistics.
Archbishop Murphy Vice Principal Alex Crane, Student of the Month for May - Min Jun Park, and Rotarian Geoff Owen.