Attendance has been light lately and we wanted to remind everyone that there are various ways to "make-up" a meeting that you missed.

  1. Attend a meeting at another Rotary Club.  If you ask any Rotarian that has attended another club's meeting they will tell you they had a very good time and enjoyed it very much. 
  2. Attend a Board Meeting.  The Rotary Club of Mill Creek's Board Meetings are open to everyone.  They meet once a month - you can find the times and dates listed on the web site.
  3. Participate in one of the clubs committee meetings.  Several times during any month committees will have meeting outside of the normal club meeting times.  Could be just for a cup of coffee to discuss a few items.  These committee meetings count as a make-up.
  4. Participate in a District event.  An example of this would be the meeting being held at Seattle University which is sponsored by the District or the End Polio Night at the Seattle Storm.  Look at the calendar on the District web site to find something that might be interesting.
  5. There is always the internet meeting.  It is called "Rotary eClubOne". 

One final note:  Better attendance means better speakers.


Tom Fraioli exchanging club banners at the Rotary Club of Munich 100