The Rotary Club of Mill Creek supported a young medical student's passion in 2009.  His name is Brian Goff Smith.  While studying to become doctor at East Tennessee State University, he formed a non-profit organization to help the indigenous population in Guatemala by building a clinic in the village of Chisec, Alta Verapaz, which is located 286km north of Guatemala City.

From Brian:

Its always a bit tough going through my email contacts to send out an announcement about a fundraiser for CHILA – so many names, so many people I’ve worked with or known along the way…I wish I could go back to when I met a lot of you and catch up!

Things in New Mexico are good. I’ve been working like crazy but I get to meet and treat a lot of Guatemalan families, deliver their babies, reminisce about Guate, all while living in the states. My patients, when I tell them, can’t even believe we work in Chisec. Even for them, Chisec seems like another planet.

Here’s the link (below) to buy a 2014 CHILA calendar, and help us with our goals for this year. You can pay through paypal, and I’ll mail them out in a few weeks. The sale will end in about 10 days.