President Dr. Yorioka presents $1,500 check to David Bobanick, Executive Director of Rotary First Harvest. 


RFH plays a unique and critical role in the fight against hunger in Washington, being neither a food bank dispensing food to clients at a single location, nor a distribution warehouse serving food banks within a defined network. We are an independent agency which acts as a non-profit broker -- locating surplus food, coordinating harvesting or packaging if required, identifying an existing food bank or distribution warehouse that needs it and arranging transportation. By focusing specifically on providing produce, RFH not only helps fill empty stomachs, but also helps to prevent hunger-related malnutrition.

Last year, RFH gathered 6 million pounds of produce that would have been wasted, and converted it into nutritious sustenance for people visiting food banks.  By using resources that are available in farming, trucking and warehousing industries, RFH accomplished this work with a very low operating and fundraising overhead of less than 1%. General financial support will allow RFH to continue its core work while continuing to develop new and unique programs and partnerships to support local hunger relief organizations.