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Student Of The Month Oct 28, 2020
Terry Lott Nov 04, 2020
Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand Safe Place is a shelter that provides 72-hour emergency care for children initially entering the foster care system. Safe Place creates a supportive environment for youth to transition smoothly into foster care and allows time for families to access resources needed for their children to return home.

Student Of The Month Nov 11, 2020
Donna Cameron Dec 02, 2020
A Call for Radical Kindness and Fierce Civility
A Call for Radical Kindness and Fierce Civility

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Donna Cameron has spent her career working with nonprofit organizations and causes, where she has seen kindness in action and been awed by its power to transform. While she considered herself a reasonably nice person (with occasional lapses into crankiness), she knew that true kindness was a step above. When she committed to a year of living kindly, she learned that it takes practice, patience, and understanding . . . and a sense of humor helps, too. Her book, A YEAR OF LIVING KINDLY: CHOICES THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND THE WORLD AROUND YOU, has been called “Inspired and inspiring … an extraordinary and timely contribution in these troubled times.”


Student Of The Month Dec 09, 2020
Chris Milbern Dec 16, 2020
Working With National Geographic
Working With National Geographic

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the world through the lens of a National Geographic photographer? Join us for a zoom conversation with Chris Millbern, an international photographer and 2016 North American Rolex Scholar of the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society who has worked as a Diver Medic for an ecological survey company and is a Certified Hyperbaric Technologist. He is also certified as both an Emergency Medical Technician and a Wilderness Medical Technician. Chris is an AAUS Scientific Diver and is a NAUI Divemaster in training. Chris’s primary underwater interests are hyperbaric medicine and diver safety, as well as ecological research and conservation.

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